RAC Account Services

Appeal & Litigation Related to Recovery Audit Contractors

SAC currently offers services which include appeal and litigation services on various accounts associated with the RAC program or any other federal or state audit or appeal program.

SAC has provided services that support the RAC appeals process since the inception of the demonstration project around August 2006. Over the 20+ years, SAC has garnered extensive experience and knowledge of government reimbursement programs, requisite regulatory statutes and rules that govern audit type programs such as the RAC. RAC services include:

  • First level requests for redetermination
  • Appeals to fiscal intermediaries
  • Appeals to qualified independent contractors
  • Hearings before administrative law judge hearings
  • Hearings before Medicare Appeals Councils
  • Appeals before U.S. District Courts.
  • Case review by SAC legal and clinical staff including response to compliance issues and regulations that relate to the RAC program.
  • Appeals and litigation for the Recovery Audit Contractor for the initial demonstration project as well as the permanent program.

These services are provided through a long-term, dedicated staff with a full-time professional team of attorneys, nurses and physicians.

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