Published Articles

SAC Firm Published Articles

Publication: Law 360 | A LexisNexis Company
Author(s): Joy Stephenson-Laws
Title: Payors Share Responsibility for the Opioid Epidemic

Publication: Population Health News
Author(s): Joy Stephenson-Laws
Title: Obesity: The Latest Time Bomb to Threaten Provider Sustainability 

Publication: HFM (Healthcare Financial Management Association)
Author(s): George Colman, Vince Acquisto, Barbara Skier
Title: RAC ‘ Em UP “Are you prepared for the National Recovery Audit Program?”

Publication: The Journal of Healthcare Administration Management
Author(s): George Colman
Title: Denials Based on Medical Necessity

Publication: Vital Signs
Author(s): George Colman
Title: Monday Morning Quarterbacking – Are You Having Problems with Denials Based on Medical Necessity?

Publication: Caham Register
Author(s): George Colman
Title: Third Party Recovery & Admitting: A Revenue Generating Process

Publication: Journal of Patient Account Management
Author(s): George Colman
Title: Maximizing Profitability of Managed Care Contracts

Publication: Newsbrief
Author(s): George Colman
Title: A Few Questions for the CFO or Financial Manager

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