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Industry Experience

SAC was founded in 1989 by Joy Young Stephenson, who currently serves as managing partner of the firm. The other senior partners of the firm are Vincent A. Acquisto and George Colman, both highly-respected members of the healthcare legal community. SAC currently employs some 100 people in its northern and southern California offices and its full-time professional team includes attorneys, nurses and physicians with extensive experience in all areas of law related to healthcare matters.

SAC partners have a combined legal experience of more than 100 years and have established strong working relationships within all areas of the healthcare industry.

SAC’s dedicated staff has participated in all aspects of the legal and administrative law processes governing healthcare providers. In addition, our partners hold legal advisory positions with healthcare organizations and sit on the boards of numerous healthcare-related organizations.  We invite representatives from any client or government agency to visit our offices to discuss the makeup of our portfolio of recoveries and view our state-of-the- art computer system.

Our Partners Have a Combined Legal Experience of Over 100 Years

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