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Feb 2016

Chuck Acquisto’s ‘Wisdom for a Young Golfer’

SAC’s very own Chuck Acquisto has written a book entitled ‘Wisdom for a Young Golfer’ which is now available through Amazon and on

Wisdom_ChuckJump inside this amazing, original golf book…

Filled with the ABC’s of success to life and the game of golf, this book is written by the very people who have achieved fame and fortune in their respective golf-related field. Historically compelling and just plain fun to read, Wisdom For A Young Golfer will fascinate those golfers new to the game, like the millions of The First Tee members, as well as the serious golf historian and weekend hacker. You will not be able to put these compelling letters down until you have reached the very last page. Then you will want to share this rich knowledge with someone close to you, even if they have never picked up a driver or putter in their life.

The book’s letters echo The First Tee’s principle focus of creating strong character and life success through the game of golf. In its mission statement, The First Tee promotes 9 Core Values: Honest, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perservence, Courtesy, and Judgment.

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