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Apr 2020

In These Difficult Times SAC Is Here for You

Dear Valued Client,

Once again, you have been called on to address our nation’s most pressing crisis – COVID-19. You have rallied to continue the delivery of top-flight medical services to a nation that has been brought to its knees by this virus.

SAC is so proud to be partnered with such selfless and dedicated warriors. We will, as we have for over 30 years, be there with you to provide guidance, advice, and support to keep your reimbursement continuum strong. Timely and adequate reimbursement is necessary to support your unmatched clinical services.

Circumstances, especially in the area of financial dealings, admissions, and billings, seem to be changing daily. The government, both at the national and local levels, has acted with uncharacteristic speed to provide financial relief to hospitals, but their efforts may not be enough to weather the significant business interruption caused by this situation.

One prevalent issue to be aware of relates to the large number of patients losing their employer-based insurance coverage when they are laid off due to the virus. Many are not in the financial position to elect COBRA coverage and are left without coverage. One step providers can take is to complete the Presumptive Eligibility form to obtain MediCal coverage. Visit the link HERE for this information. Please note, the linked form is an example distinct to California. Make sure you consult your state program if outside the region.

SAC’s services have always been designed with the interests of our hospital partners in mind. To emphasize, note the following areas where we can be of help:

  • Flexible and reasonable contingency fee structure which allows you to refer accounts and only be charged upon successful recovery. This maximizes your collection efforts with no immediate cash flow impact.
  • Utilization of our Pre-Litigation department as well as healthcare attorneys to handle claims at any stage in the revenue cycle process.
  • Navigation of  the regulatory process to access the help that is available through statutory and regulatory interpretation as well as providing advice about relief programs and sources of funding. Our website ( is a great resource for current information and ongoing guidance.
  • Maximization of cash flow using aggressive claim handling and strategic reimbursement methods in dealing with commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, and any other type of payer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any advice, guidance, or recovery/collection help you need through this difficult period. We have been here for you for over 30 years and we have the experience and track record to see this through with you together.
In Health,

Rich Lovich, Co-Managing Partner & Denise Ransdell, Director of Client Relations
The Law Offices of SAC


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