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Oct 2019

Halloween Fun in SD + NorCal!

To get into the Halloween spirit our Pleasanton and Carlsbad offices had a little pre-Halloween fun trying to beat the clock and solve escape room mystery puzzles! SD headed to Locked Adventures in North County to try their hand at an escape room. One team was on a ‘Quest for the Throne’ where they had 60 minutes to find proof of birthright, to capture the throne and become ruler of the kingdom. They finished with just 1 minute and 17 seconds to spare! Our second team explored tomb KV62. They were in the Valley of Kings when the curse Pharaoh invoked sealed off the entrance. They had to navigate through the tomb to find their way out!

SAC Pleasanton had a fun day at Exit to Escape in an attempt break out of jail after being captured in the Wild West. They were divided into two jail cells and given a complex puzzle to be solved cooperatively! They escaped from the inner jail in 45 minutes but were unsuccessful in capturing the bandit who got them thrown in jail due to a game malfunction where a key lock to the puzzle did not work! Guess better luck next time!

Nothing like a little Halloween team building to kick off the holiday season.


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