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Sep 2019

Attorney Charles Acquisto Publishes his 4th Book

SAC’s very own Charles Acquisto recently published his 4th book entitled Lessons by the Letter – Life Advice from Female Movers, Shakers and Pioneer Makers.

Lessons by the Letter is sold exclusively at Barnes & Noble and can be purchased here.

About the book

Fascinating “Life’s Best Lessons” shared by an amazing collection of female pioneers, leaders, award winners and athletes who have imparted their wisdom via an old-fashion letter with Gabrielle for her Sweet 16th Birthday. This gift was 15 years in the making by her father, Charles Acquisto. The timeless advice on the book’s pages comes from a Who’s Who list of famous women as well as many admirable females who helped shatter glass ceilings in their respective occupational fields. Best life lesson are recounted by the likes of the first U.S, Supreme Court Justice (Sandra Day O’Connor) to the first Blue Angels pilot (Capt. Katie Higgins). The special letter collection includes many of the biggest names in athletics as well as the stage and screen. Top Fortune 500 CEO’s who have climbed the corporate ladder to the very top are featured as well. Women of all ages will be inspired by the shared wisdom of the best life lessons. Letters of all shapes and sizes written by centenarians to teenagers present a unique perspective on learning the lessons life brings each day.



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