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Apr 2015

The Healing Power of Art

Band-aids, medicine, casts, a sticker for “being good” – these are all typical treatments for helping people feel better when they’re sick. But, many hospitals are starting to think about the patient’s environment, as well.  Let’s face it – hospitals can be scary and stressful places. So hospitals are working to change their white walls into gallery spaces. In 2007, more than 40% of hospitals had arts programs with permanent art and public art displays being the most prominent. The trend has only grown since that time.

Displaying art in a hospital doesn’t just improve the look of the place, either – evidence shows it can help promote healing. Recently, the Cleveland Clinic conducted a study and found that more than 60% of its patients reported reduced stress from viewing the hospital’s art collection. The Cleveland Clinic said art served many purposes – from giving patients a reason to try to walk down a hall to simply serving as a means of distraction.   Next time you’re in a hospital, check out what’s hanging on their walls and see if you agree!


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