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Feb 2015

Free Healthcare for Uninsurable Los Angeles Residents!

My Health LA (MHLA) is Los Angeles County’s free health program for low-income residents who are aged 6 and older and who cannot get insurance. Los Angeles County is one of the very few counties in the United States that extends healthcare coverage to those who do not qualify for coverage under the healthcare reform law because they are undocumented residents of the United States.

To help contain costs, and following the medical-home model, Los Angeles County is now requiring My Health LA members to exclusively use one clinic for all of their primary-care needs.  Los Angeles County will pay $32.00 per patient for My Health LA members. By requiring My Health LA members to go to one clinic, the County will no longer have to pay a per-service fee every time one of its members visits a non-contracted clinic. Other than saving money, this new requirement also allows for continuity of care with the same physician, allowing patients to get to know their doctors and vice versa, instead of visiting different doctors who may not know the patient or his/her medical history, which will hopefully provide for less hospital emergency room visits.

To qualify for My Health LA, you must live in Los Angeles County and make less than 138% of the federal poverty level. You must be unable to get insurance coverage, and unable to enroll in Medicaid. My Health LA members have access to hospital and emergency care via hospitals operated by L.A. County Department of Health Services. For more information on My Health LA,  read here:

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