Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals

Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, “Millions of Americans turn to teaching hospitals for specialized surgeries, life-saving care, and complex treatments. They are where medical knowledge continuously evolves and new cures and treatments are found. They are where critical community services, such as trauma and burn centers, always stand ready. They are the training ground for more than 100,000 new physicians and other health professionals each year. Teaching hospitals also are a vital part of America’s safety net, providing care to millions of the nation’s uninsured.”

Among the many advances pioneered at America’s medical schools and teaching hospitals are the:

  • First live polio vaccine
  • First successful pancreas transplant
  • First successful bone marrow transplant
  • First intensive care unit for newborn
  • First human gene therapy for cystic fibrosis
  • First adult human heart transplant in the United States
  • First successful liver transplant
  • First successful pediatric heart transplant
  • First successful surgery on a fetus in utero
  • First to discover that adult heart diseases begin in childhood
  • First to discover the genetic markers that increase risk of multiple myeloma, a deadly cancer of the blood

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